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Michigan Community College Association
222 N. Chestnut Street
Phone: 517-372-4350
Fax: 517-372-0905
Lansing, MI 48933

Chief Executive: Michael Hansen, President <>
President/Chair: Timothy J. Nelson, Northwestern Michigan College
Colleges represented: 28 community college distrits
Tax status: 501(c)(6)

Major activities:
* Strategic positioning and creating opportunities for member colleges
* Influencing public policy and advancing legislation
* Shaping public opinion and strengthening reputations
* Maximizing resources to assure insitutional flexibility and sustainability
* Develop current and future leaders
* Facilitate collective action

Organizational structure:
* Board of Directors consists of a president and trustee from each member college (ie 56 members currently). Board meets 3 times/year
* Executive Committee is made up of trustees and presidents. Succession is such that Committee (and board) chair rotates between a president and trustee each year.
* Presidents have their own committee that meets 3-4 times/year

Budgeted income:

Dues structure:
Dues is base plus FYES driven, so smaller colleges pay less than larger. No dues increase for FY 2009-2010, or for 2010-2011. Total dues income $691,115

Five full-time staff:
* President
* VP for Public Policy and Workforce
* Executive Director Virtual Learning Collaborative
* Director of Legislative Affairs
* Executive Assistant.