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New Jersey Council of County Colleges
330 West State Street
Phone: 609-392-3434
Fax: 609-392-8158
Trenton, NJ 08618

Chief Executive: Dr. Lawrence A. Nespoli <>
Colleges represented: 19 county community colleges
Tax status: 501(c)(3)

Major activities:
(1) Provide statewide advocacy for community colleges

(2) Coordinate sector activities as required by statute: (a) submit state budget request; (b)develop funding formula to distribute state aid; (c) coordinate capital funding allocation; (d) review courses for state aid eligibility.

(3) Offer trustee education programs

(4) Provide customized training programs through statewide community college workforce development consortium

Organizational structure:
38 member board consisting of chairs of boards of trustees plus presidents of 19 NJ community colleges

7 member Executive Committee elected each year - 4 trustees and 3 presidents - chair and vice chair must be trustees.

Budgeted income:

Dues structure:
Paid by colleges - one fourth shared equally and three fourths enrollment based.

Vice President (Research Officer)
Communications Director
Coordinator of Student Success Center
Two full-time office support staff

Use contracted services for:

Conferences and special events

Additionally, the Workforce Consortium has four full-time employees and several part-time staff.