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Ohio Association of Community Colleges
175 South Third Street, Suite 560
Phone: 614-221-6222
Fax: 614-221-6239
Columbus, Oh 43215

Chief Executive: Jack Hershey, President <>
President/Chair: Darryl D. Mehaffie, Edison Community College
Colleges represented: 23 Community Colleges
Tax status: 501(c)(3)

Major activities:
Government Relations
Interface with Ohio Board of Regents
Coordinate Faculty & Staff Development Activities
Media Relations

Organizational structure:
46 member Governing Board (includes: one President and one Trustee from each college), meets twice annually.

Board Chair is always a Trustee and is also Chair of the Executive Committee

10 member Executive Committee (includes: five Presidents and five Trustees)

OACC President reports to Executive Committee, Executive Committee reports to Governing Board

Budgeted income:

Dues structure:
23 Community Colleges pay dues based on tiered enrollment structure

Four Person Staff: President, Director of Government Relations, Director of Communications, and Administrative Assistant

Occasional Consultants