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Texas Association of Community Colleges
1304 San Antonio, Suite 201
Phone: 512-476-2572
Fax: 512-476-0262
Austin, TX 78701

Chief Executive: Reynaldo R. Garcia, President <>
President/Chair: Board Chair, Richard Rhodes, Ph.D., Austin Community College
Colleges represented: 50 public community college districts
Tax status: 501(c)(6)

Major activities:
State advocacy and government relations; trustee, president, and staff professional development; coordination of distance learning; Achieving the Dream/Developmental Education Initiative.

Organizational structure:
13 member Executive Committee and Board of Directors comprised of the CEOs of the 50 community college districts.

Budgeted income:
$3 million

Dues structure:
Proportional to each district's state appropriation with cap for larger districts.

Vice President for Data and Research
Vice President for Public Affairs
Executive Director, Texas Success Center
Director of Finance and Administration
Director of Trustee Services
Director of Cooperative Purchasing
Assistant Director, Texas Success Center
Lobbyist (contract)

The Texas Community College Education Initiative (TCCEI) is an affiliated 501-c-3 organization.