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Illinois Community College Trustees Association
401 E. Capitol Ave., Suite 200
Suite 200
Phone: 217-528-2858
Fax: 217-528-8662
Springfield, IL 62701-1711

Chief Executive: Michael S. Monaghan, Executive Director <>
President/Chair: Mr. Robert Johnson
Colleges represented: 48 colleges, 39 districts
Tax status: Sec. 155

Major activities:
Plan and conduct annual community college state conference and convention
Conduct 6 trustee continuing edcucation programs annually
Extensivly lobby Illinois Legislature
Serve on state boards and commissions

Organizational structure:
Governed by Board of Representatives consisting of 41 Trustees representing the 48 member community colleges. The 19 member Executive Committee has the authority to make decisions when the Board of Representatives is not conducting meetings.

Budgeted income:

Dues structure:
Member college dues account for nearly all of the Association revenues. Dues are calulated by charging a $2,800 flat fee plus an amount related to the student enrollment at each member college.

4 staff people
3 contractual staff