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Iowa Association of Community College Trustees
855 East Court Avenue
Phone: 515-282-4692
Fax: 515-282-3743
Des Moines, IA 50309

Chief Executive: M.J. Dolan <>
President/Chair: Darrell Determann, Iowa Central Community College
Colleges represented: 15 community colleges
Tax status: 501(c)(4)

Major activities:
Lobbying and Grass Roots efforts
Student Legislative Seminar
IACCT Annual Conference
Serve on Boards and Commissions
Serve Presidents' Group, Iowa Association of Community College Presidents
Iowans For A Skilled Workforce (PAC)
9-10 Webinar Board Training annually
Student Legislative Seminar
Community College Board President and Vice President Conference

Organizational structure:
Governed by Board of Trustees of 15 Trustees representing the 15 member community colleges.
Presidents' Group utilizes Governance Teams for policy and strategic work.

Budgeted income:

Dues structure:
Funded primariliy by Member Dues, which are determined based on a combination of 50% divided equally and 50% based on each community colleges percentage allocation of the state funding total allocation.

MJ Dolan, Executive Director
Donna Knox, Director of Operations
Tiffany Belieu, Administrative Assistant